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September 2021. The Bocock Brother’s World Traveler Collection of Premium Cigars was created several years before it’s inception into the US market, where the Collection has achieved an astonishing number of milestones in a short period of time.

The Brothers and Founders, Bryant and Douglas Bocock, fashioned the brand of their business with a logo that embodies a portion of their name, combined with an elegance of symbolizing a consistent strive for success. The rooster wearing a bowtie is an emblem of excellence that took shape in the quest for the perfect Honduran blend. This logo has now become a trend on apparel such as hats, neck ties, shirts, cigar accessories, and more!

Co-founder, Bryant, expounds on their desire for success and the brand by mentioning, “We knew we were going to go for it all, it’s our name and legacy on the box, that features a suitable logo and our phrase, Be Cocky! This is for the millions of cigar and success fanatics that share our common cravings.”

Both brothers were born in Honduras and spent their young lives there. They speak about the vast resources Honduras has to offer for an array of opportunities, particularly the optimal tobacco location for rich soil, fantastic climate, and prime cigar operations.  Such opportunities significantly contribute towards the enjoyment of cigar lovers throughout the world.

The 3-cigar portfolio is truly flawless and features three very exquisite cigars.

The Connecticut, a Honduran born Connecticut seed tobacco is combined with a Costa Rican binder and a blend of Honduran & Nicaraguan filler. It is smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla and peppery spice.

The Habano, a medium body cigar with a silky wrapper that offers caramel and dense spice notes. It's Sumatra binder and Honduran/Nicaraguan filler provide the layers of flavor in this unique, perfectly hand rolled blend.

The Maduro, a medium to full body smoke that delivers a flawless balance of strength and flavor. The complexities of this exquisite cigar are brought upon the extra fermented Nicaraguan Ligero leaves. It is exceptionally rich in flavor, producing a cacao and cedar taste. Oily on the hands, both a seasoned and a novice smoker will absolutely savor it!

All three blends are impeccably well balanced, earning the spot to ignite the Bocock Brother’s World Traveler Collection endeavor. This craft cigar company is based in Houston, TX with Brand Ambassadors throughout the nation. The World Traveler Collection demand and reviews have proved that the Connecticut and Habano blends are enjoyed for special occasions and gatherings, where the Maduro is favored for a perfect evening or nightcap delight. Others even mentioned daily enjoyment that starts with a Connecticut in the morning (some recommend with coffee), a Habano mid-day, then an evening reward, well-deserved with a Maduro. It’s evident, you must try all three!