World Traveler Collection

Inspired by the adventures
of the Bocock Brothers

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For your enjoyment.

Grown high in the mountains of Central America.

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"I had one of the most enjoyable 60 minutes of my life last night smoking a Bocock Brothers Maduro. Absolutely WOW! This cigars places you in Central America by way of notes on this decadent medium flavored Maduro" - David Landley, cigar enthusiast


"The Bocock Brothers created an exceptional brand! Their cigars are an industry game changer and Its cocky rooster embodies their portfolio. The World Traveler Habano, my favorite of the 3 ligas has an exceptional creaminess and natural earthiness. I absolutely crave this cigar which pairs perfectly with coffee. I cant get enough..." - Matt, cigar enthusiast


"I cant remember when I've smoked a cigar that had a better draw, was mild ( my preference) yet felt on the exhale like it had structure and body. I have been reminded what a great cigar is like and how enjoyable they can be" - Brian Fowler, cigar enthusiast

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