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Bocock Brothers Premium Cigars

Renner Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray

Renner Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray

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A conversation piece par excellence. A place for you and up to three of your friends to rest your smokes while you pour a drink or wave your hands during that really important part of the story you're telling. Emblazoned with a near life-sized Beau, yet designed to fit any motif. Stick it on a prominent display and guests will immediately think more of you.

• Glossy Black Ceramic; Great for Indoors or Outdoors

• Features 4 Cigar Rests and Large Basin

• Approx. Dimensions: (L) 7.5 in x (W) 7.5 in x (H) 1.4 in, Weight: 2.25 lbs

• Foam Padded Bottom to Protect Furniture; Easily Clean with Wet Cloth

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BOCOCK BROS/ AJ FERNANDEZ handmade in Nicaragua 

The Bocock Brothers Signature Edition blend that pays tribute to Bryant`s and Doug’s father, Roberto Bocock.